Frieder Reuter Logo

I have been involved in numerous graphic, logo and corporate design projects over the last years. Going into detail to explain each one of them here would go beyond the scope of this website.

You can find a selection of my graphic design work below.


Unbox is a team in Berlin that supports and develops community projects with kids and teenagers. The name refers to the action of unboxing a new product and the resonating feeling of excitement and curiosity.

By using the negative space created by the two chevrons of the logo, the box can be visible and invisible at the same time and plays with the expectation and curiosity of the viewer.

Food Galerie

Food Galerie is a software that enables food retailers to upload images on their retail scales in a much easier way.

I was in charge of developing a new corporate design concept including a logo, flyers, webinars and a corporate design manual.


Bailando Groove Orchestra

I created a new logo for the musical ensemble "Bailando Groove Orchestra". The logo features each musician of the ensemble in the form of a stylised instrument.

Based on the concept of the logo, a series of posters, flyers and cards were designed for a variety of events and shows.